Who is the Florida Seed Association?

The purpose of the Florida Seed Association is to provide communication, education, and guidance for the seed and allied industries. FSA membership is statewide.

Florida Seed Association

Founded in 1932, FSA is a member-driven organization that functions to promote and protect the success of the Florida Seed industry and its growers. The association has become an influential voice in promoting research, education, training, and legislation that benefits the industry.

Membership in FSA allows you to learn, grow professionally, and contribute directly to the success of the seed industry.

What does FSA do?

Research & Development

The Association works closely with the Florida Department of Agriculture and the University of Florida-IFAS in matters regarding seeds, plants, pesticides, and fertilizers. Each year the Association contributes financially and materially to research activities that create better-quality plants, more efficient production methods, new markets, and more profitable products.

Seed Arbitration

FSA plays a vital role by assisting the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in settling complaints and disputes between seed dealers, farmers, and others. It does so through its active participation in the Seed Investigations Conciliation Council.

The council serves as a mediator. A past president and an alternate (also a past president) plus two members of FSA, appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture, served on the Council. Often disputes can be settled agreeably by this non-binding, informal approach rather than a legal process.

Florida Seed Association


Our Legislative committee constantly monitors federal and state seed laws, pending legislation, and regulations affecting our membership. Constant vigilance is required regarding proposed industry regulations.

Committee trips to Tallahassee are made when necessary to advise lawmakers and to prevent unfavorable pending legislation. To assure industry representation, FSA members meet several times each year with the Florida Department of Agriculture’s Seed Industry Technical Committee.

The Committee is concerned with seed testing and labeling, interstate shipping, and many problems involved with seed handling. This group provides an informal conduit for industry information direct to the Florida Department of Agriculture.